Channeled Messages: On Energy Healing


This is a channeled message from 'HU' on a bit about energy healing and what it does. Enjoy!  

-Beginning of channeled message-

The idea with energy healing is working within ones energy field or aura to get rid of any negativity that may be stuck there. Understand that pain and illness is a result of something within the non-physical. It is the body's way of letting you know that something is not right. Understand you are always picking up energy. Sometimes when we are in negative situations or around negative people, that negative energy that we are picking up from them can become stuck in the energy field. This can lead to emotional issues such as depression or anger as well as physical issues depending on where the energy is being stored. Sometimes when things start to not go your way, or negative events keep happening, this can be a result of that negative energy one has picked up.

Yes there are negative beings and yes they can sometimes attach one self to a person. Understand for this to happen, there has to be negative energy already there for it to be attracted to it. For example some one who drinks a lot can pick up a negative being simply because the alcohol they have been ingesting lowers their vibration and opens them up to such things. It then can turn into alcoholism because the being keeps feeding off this lower vibrational state.

The idea with negative energy is essentially lower vibrationary state. You then attract everything that is within that frequency.

In energy healing, spirit or high vibration beings work through the medium, using the palm chakras, to get rid of the negative energy that is there.

Energy healing is good for anxiety, depression, manifesting, heath issues, emotional issues, dealing with a breakup or a loss of someone, clearer thoughts, better sleep and many others.

-End of channeled message-

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