Channeled Messages: Being Good Enough and Self Worth


This is a channeled message from the beings I channel called "HU" on worthiness. Enjoy! -Beginning of channeled message-

Let go of what you think you are worth. Let go of what you think you deserve. For you are already worthy and already deserving, otherwise you would not be on Earth. If you were not deserving of all of your desires and all of your dreams there would be no point in being here would there? Are you good enough? Of course you are good enough. You are more than good enough. Those that need your talents will be there. Those that need to experience you will be there. Those that are not there do not need you at that time. When you let go of the fear of not being good enough or not being worthy, you free yourself up for your true talent to come through. Fear will always hold you back and therefore if you feel undeserving you are simply holding yourself back. There is no need to do this. This is self imposed punishment or self sabotage. We always want to be our best. But you see that it is a double edged sword. To be your best you must let go of the fear. When you have fear you are not being your best. What anyone says or does has no bearing on who you are or your talents. You would not be given talents if you were not deserving or not good enough. Everyone is good at something and everyone brings something different to the table. What do you bring? There is a human desire to over complicate matters. When in actuality it is very simple. The complexities of life are not all that complex, you are just giving it the meaning that it is much harder and confusing than it really is. People look for answers outside them selves. People look for answers that do not exist. People want to know why and the deeper meaning. But understand that you give it a deeper meaning, you give it a why. It is your experience, so therefore you already know the why or the deeper meaning. Many times people do not like the answer they receive and therefore it must be more complicated than what it is. Remember life is very simple it is only humans that make it complex. Life has a very simple and repetitive stream. Life supports and holds you. Life is smooth and unwavering. Life is like a flowing stream or river. A gentle current that one could float down enjoyably. But most people do not do this. Most people are going against the flow or current. Most people think that there is a physical reality when in actuality there is not. What you experience is real, what you think and feel are real but the physicality of it is not. It is a reflection of what is going on within you. What are you over complicating? What are you making harder than it is? What are you forcing in to being instead of floating over to it? Everything becomes much harder and much more complex when you are going against the current. When you are out of alignment with your true self. When you think that what you see is real. Everything can be changed. Everyone can be changed but it is up to you how much and it must come from within. When you begin to see that what you experience is your own, that what you experiences is really within, that what you experience as physical reality is an illusion, you can begin to let go of worth or desirability. Am I good enough? Would a being in a higher dimension every say that to them selves? Of course not. Would I ever say that to my self? Of course not because it is not in my realm of thinking. It is not a feeling that I understand. There is more to life than being good enough. You determine your worth. How do you value yourself? What do you think you deserve? That value and worth will be reflected back to you. Look at what you are experiencing now. Are there loving people around you? Are there wonderful experiences coming to you? Do you feel safe and secure? Do not over complicate the matter. Do not over complicate matter. Because it does not matter.

-End of channeled message-

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