Channeled Messages: Choosing Positive Over Negative


Here is a channeled message from "HU" on how to have a more positive life! Enjoy! -Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that you live in a world of duality. You have good and bad, positive and negative, male and female. Therefore you then have a choice at to which end you prefer to live in. The positive end or the negative end. Most people live somewhere in the middle. The main point here is that you have a choice in the matter. Many people struggle and live negative experiences. Sometimes they are there to allow you to grow. Sometimes they are there to learn something more about yourself, but it all points you to seeing something new and appreciating the positive. Understand you do not have to experience the negative to appreciate the positive. That again is your choice in doing so and sometimes the easiest of ways. So how does one experience more positive experiences then negative? First you must make a commitment, must make a choice, to only want to experience the positives of life. Secondly, you must start shifting your mindset and belief system to one that encourages positive experiences. Start to focus inwards and find inner peace. Thirdly, you must begin to notice and appreciate the positives that you are experiencing and that are all around you this very moment. There usually needs to be a cleansing process before the commitment can really be made. A cleansing of negative beliefs, patterns and past experiences. By using the process of remembering, feeling and letting go, you can begin to cleanse. You may waver back and forth from time to time between positive and negative and understand that that is fine. Pay attention to where you feel you may be creating negative momentum. It is much easier to stop the momentum if you catch it early. If you begin to have negative thoughts about something or someone, take a moment and stop yourself. Ask yourself, do these thoughts really benefit me? Are these thoughts helping me in anyways? Most of the time the answer will be no. You can then stop the thoughts early on so that they do not carry any more momentum. You are essentially stopping it in its tracks. The same goes for worrying or doubting. Is this worrying or doubting helping me or the situation in anyways? Again, the answer most of the time will be no. We do not expect people to be positive one hundred percent of the time. But you can work your way up to close to that number. It is very doable to live a positive experience, no matter where you are right now, no matter what your circumstances may be. Circumstances do not matter, for it is simply a reflection of past thoughts, vibrations and beliefs. Where your vibration is, where your thoughts are, where your beliefs are, that is what matters. For that is what will change the circumstance. The poorest of the poor can change the circumstances by simply taking themselves out of the vibrational state and belief of being poor. This can be proven by hundreds of examples of people who grew up poor and became very successful. They simply changed their state of being and chose the opposite of what they had been living. You are never victims of circumstance, but you are victims of your vibrational state. Understand that this is a good thing. For this makes life so much more easier. For it puts you in control. Yes, there always is divine help and you are always working together with the universe. The universe fills in the blanks to what your vibrational state is. For now, begin to focus on stopping negative momentum and noticing where you already have momentum going. Begin to stop your thoughts when they come up and ask yourself is this really serving me? If you prefer you can think of a positive thought instead of your negative one. We would also suggest beginning to notice the good in the world. As you go about your day, compliment people in your mind (or to them if it is warranted) and compliment your surroundings as well. For example you may think, what a nice dress that lady has on, what a nice colour these walls are, what nice hand writing this person has etc. It is simple and easy and very doable and will begin to help put you in that positive experience frequency. We will give you more later. You have a choice and that is the beautiful thing about living in a universe of duality. You do not have to experience the negative if you do not wish too. But that is your choice.

-End of channeled message-