Channeled Messages: Making Things Happen


This is a channeled message from "HU" about when you are trying to hard or trying to make something happens and it's not working. I think this is something a lot of people can relate to, I know I sure can! Enjoy!  

-Beginning of channeled message-

When one tries so hard at something and that doesn't seem to work, when one pushes through and tries to make something happen and nothing happens or it doesn't turn out the way you had hoped. What then does one do? When you say I commit to something completely but then you stop following through, what does one do then? Take a moment and pay attention to how you are feeling about any given thought. How are you feeling about your job, your relationships, your family, your wealth? Notice if it seems to flow, it feels easy and good or notice if it feels stuck, resistant or uncomfortable in any way. When one tries to make something happen, when they work so hard at creating it into being and nothing comes of it, something is off with their thinking or beliefs. Your job is to not make something happen, your job is to allow it to happen. You cannot "make" anything happen. When you have a desire or thought, it is immediately created within the non-physical. Therefore you have already done the creating part. The next step is to allow the universe to start to bring what you have already created into your experience. You allow it by paying attention to how you are feeling and making sure those feelings are in alignment with what it is you are wanting. It is like buying something on the internet and then going around trying to find it, not trusting that the company has put it in the mail for you. So you are in all sorts of different places trying to find that item, worrying that you will not find it. When the entire time the item was sent, went through the mailing system, and is sitting at your front step for you, but you are not home to open it up because you had to go get it yourself. If you had just stayed home, trusting and knowing that that item would be there for you, going about your day, doing what you love to do, imagining all the things you would do with your item and feeling good about it, you would be "there" when the item arrived and were ready to open it. The idea is if something is not working or you are not getting the results that you would like, what are you doing to slow the process down. What are you thoughts like about it, what are you feeling about it, how is your energy in or out of alignment with it? You need to change your tactic so to speak. If making it happen or trying to force it into being is not working, then what will work? Be a problem solver. Here is your problem, now find a solution. You want to flow with what you want. You want to feel easy about what you want. You want to feel good about what you want. If you do not, ask yourself why am I not? What fears do I have about this? What previous experiences or events created this resistance or fear for myself? Do these fears have any basis in reality? How can I see this differently? What am I holding onto that does not serve me? Pay attention to how you are feeling and that will let you know if you are allowing the item to arrive or trying to go find it yourself. Remember, you have already created that job, that relationship, that wealth, that new car, the new clients, all of the things you would like to experience. You have already "made it happen". There is no more work for you to do. It is now the job of the universe, source, higher self, to begin to bring that desire into your physical experience. The Earth plane is one of creation, one of journey. You came here to see the steps it takes to create. There is a process involved in manifestation. If the item feels to big or overwhelming, make it very small in your mind. It does not take much energy to create. The more energy you put into it can cause it to slow down. Think of it as light as a feather. Just a touch of a feather to put things in motion. Remember to keep taking action, because action creates momentum. But take inspired action. If you feel that there is resistance in the action you are taking, go back to figuring out where it is coming from. Remember you job is not to figure out the how or the when. Your job is to allow it. Take a deep breath. Relax. This is your experience. So why not make it a good one?

-End of channeled message-

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