Channeled Messages: Healing and the Non-Physical Body

This is a channeled message from "HU" about healing and the non-physical body! Enjoy! -Beginning of channeled message-

There are two main parts to the physical body in the most general of terms. The physical body that you can see, touch, and feel and the non-physical body that you cannot see, touch or feel. The non-physical body, aura or energy field surrounds the physical body and directly influences the physical body. Understand that if something is wrong or off in the non-physical it will manifest itself in the physical body as pain or illness. It is your bodys way of letting you know that something is not right. Pay attention to these signs that your body is giving you. The non-physical body is comprised of many layers. The aura is not one entity. Each layer corresponds to the chakra and energy points within the human body. The human body is essential made up of a grid. Where the lines cross are energy points. Some lines cross each other more than once which creates a stronger energy point. Known to most as the chakra system. Negative energy can become stuck within the layers of the energy field. Negative energy can come from negative situations or people, which we would consider outside influence. They can can also come from you own thought patterns, which we would consider inside influence. The negative energy creates a vibrationary pattern and embeds itself with in the layers of the non-physical body. Then the physical body begins to feel pain or illness. The longer the negative energy sits there, the worse or stronger the pain or illness will become. When you can begin to notice and pin point where the negative energy is coming from, you can begin to release it and heal yourself. When one goes to receive energy healing of any kind, they are simply removing negative energy and re-aligning the non-physical body. Sometimes negative energy can be difficult to remove or it may take time to remove it. Most of the time there is usually a corresponding emotional response to negative energy. Sometimes if the negative energy is too big or strong, the emotional response would be overwhelming, therefore it would take longer. When you have pain or illness, ask yourself what does this area of the body mean to me? Understand it will be your meaning of it. For example, if I am having stomach pain, perhaps my stomach to me means, core strength, emotional well being, being my true self, feeling centered. Then begin to look at areas in your life where these things may be lacking or look at situations in your life that are causing you to feel this way. If it is internal influence, you can then begin to change your thought patterns, change the meaning of what you are giving things. You can explore why do I think or believe this. Are these my thoughts and beliefs or have I chosen to take them on as my own? If it is outside influence, you can then begin to change your environment, the people you surround yourself with. Begin to pin point where the issue is. Is someone making me feel this way? What have I been holding on to that does not serve me? What experiences and upset have I been holding on to that does not serve me? The idea is to get to the root of the problem so that you can begin to heal and let go of the negative energy. By negative energy we mean, anything that does not support or encourage your highest good. Sometimes if one has been influenced for a long time or very strongly, this can create holes or tears within the energy field and weaken it. One becomes more open to all different types of energy and may feel the pain or illness stronger than they should. We would suggest to sit quietly, close your eyes and relax the mind and imagine a white light above your head. Imagine this light coming down a few inches around your body until it reaches your feet. Close the circle. Imagine this egg or shielding becoming stronger and stronger. Sit with it for a few minutes each day. This will help strengthen you energy field. You want a strong base to heal. You want to put the bandages on the wound first so that it can heal properly. The idea of the human energy field is a very complex one. Yet it works without thought, without you even realizing it is there. It is automatic. By understand that they work together, you can begin to understand how to heal yourself and others. Yes there is that "physical" side to how the body functions, and yes it is important to seek out medical advice when needed, but when you take it a step further, you can see how pills are not always necessary. Pills act as permission slips on an energetic level. Understand that everything is energy, including you. You are vibrationaly tuned to recognize certain energy as physical. But if nothing is really physical, because it is simply energy, then therefore you can change what you want by using energy.

-End of channeled message-


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