Channeled Messages: Your Emotions


This is a channeled message from "HU", the group I channel, on being aware of our emotional state. -Beginning of channeled message-

If you take a piece of paper and draw four quadrants. Above the first quadrant write emotional, beside that write spiritual, below that write mental and beside that write physical. In the first quadrant write down your emotional state at that very moment, then beside that write down your spiritual state, below that write down your mental state and then finally beside that write down your physical state and how you are sitting or standing currently. Take note how they are all connected. Your emotional state is connected to your spiritual state, which is connected to your mental state which is connected to your physical state. If you change one area, you can change all of them. They all work together. The more you can begin to pay attention to how you are feeling each moment, you can then begin to notice what you are in alignment with. Because you are always in alignment with something, you need to make sure you are in alignment with what it is you actually want. Your emotional well being will express its self in each area. Your emotional well being will tell you whether you are in alignment or not. Your emotional state will help tell you what you are allowing in. Or not allowing in. If you take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath and imagine a line going through your body. This would be your internal frequency or radio dial. Take a moment and begin to feel sad. What happens to the line? Take a moment and begin to feel happy. What happens to the line? It is all about becoming aware to your own frequency and energy. And your emotions will help tell you where it is at. When you see how your indicator ie. your emotions affect all the other aspects of you, you can begin to take control of them. You are always in control of your emotions, sometime people like to let them run around like wild children. Control your children. So that they do not control you. People get wrapped up in the outside world and allow the outside to control their emotions. When it is really the other way around. It has to come from inside of you first. It is actually the inside effecting the outside world. What is going on within you lays the blueprint for what you will experience. This is why it is important to learn to control how you feel. Yes, there are times when one needs to grieve and one needs to feel sad. But you see it has a purpose, it is for healing. The idea is not to stay in that sad place. You need to heal it and then let it go. Remember everything is neutral and you give it all the meaning that it has. Therefore you are in control. You can choose to see situations as positive or negative. You can take a tragic situation and choose to either learn, grow or make a change or you can let it destroy you. When you are sad, you can begin to choose the next better feeling feeling, such as anger. From there you can move up to hope and you can keep moving up. You do not have to feel sad one minute then be ecstatic the next. You can take your time in feeling better. The idea is more to pay attention to what you are feeling and your emotions and see if they are serving you or hindering you. If they are hindering you, you can begin to move up to better feeling feelings. When you are aware, you can see what you are creating for yourself and can change it if you so choose. You are always in control of how you are feeling. Better feeling feelings lead to better experiences. The only reason you want anything is because you think it will make you feel good. Therefore if you believe what you want will make you feel good, you must get in alignment with that good feeling feeling, so that it can begin to manifest for you in the physical. Try it. Become more aware of it. See how it works for you. There is no right or wrong. It is your choice. Because it is your Earthly experience. So why not make it an enjoyable one? There is too much negativity around anyways. So why not be different.

-End of channeled message-


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