Meditation: Candle Meditation


Candle meditation or gazing is a good way to develop focus and help get you into deeper states of meditation. The pioneers of mediumship used to get together once a week and do the candle meditation for an hour and a half, for a year before they ever started doing mediumship!

Candle mediation is quite simple to do. Place a candle, preferably a white one, and light it. Sit comfortably and relax as you stare at the flame (keep your eyes open!). They key is to really focus in on the flame and to try and not get distracted by things going on around you. You can dim the lights or close the curtains if you prefer. If you feel yourself becoming distracted, just keep bringing your attention back to the flame. You should start to go deeper into meditation and may begin to get visions or information coming to you. Just ride that wave and see where it takes you.

It will take some practice but the longer you can do this meditation the better. Start with five minutes and try to work your way up to thirty minutes or longer. It helps if you get a stop watch and time yourself!

This meditation will help develop your psychic abilities and make them stronger. We have done this meditation at the start of mediumship workshops and when we went to do practice readings, everyone vastly improved.

Try it, experiment with it and let me know in the comments how it worked for you!


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