Channeled Messages: How Do You Define Yourself?


This is a channeled message from the group I channel called "HU" on how people define themselves and if that is real or not. Enjoy! -Beginning of channeled message-

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you believe in what you see? Do you believe in the image that is being reflected back to you? Is that all that you are? A human body standing in front of a reflection? As the human body is a vessel, you are more than just a body. You are spirit as well. If you are spirit you can then interact with other spiritual bodies and other spiritual planes. The human body is made in such a way that it supports two worlds. Do you believe in the labels that you have given yourself? Do you believe in the labels that others have given you? Are you creating and being your true self or are you following someone else's idea of who you should be? The rediscovery of self is an important step within the human evolutionary consciousness. It is that rediscovery of who you truly are that will bring you up into higher planes of existence. Do not worry so much as to why are you here, be more concerned with, what can I contribute, what do I love, what type of person would I like to be or explore? Those questions will answer why you are here. You came here to contribute, you came here to discover more about yourself, you came here to sort out contrast and see what you prefer. You came here to interact with others who are experiencing the same discoveries that you are. As you look at yourself in there mirror, are you simply a body or more than that? What definitions have you given your body? What definitions have you given yourself? Have you given yourself the definition of being shy but you wish to be more outgoing? Have you given yourself the definition that you are out of shape but wish to be in perfect health? How does one change these definitions? You simply give yourself permission to experience a new definition. Put a new meaning onto yourself. If you wish to be more outgoing, ask yourself, what is holding me back from this? If you wish to be more healthy, ask yourself, what is holding me back from this? Explore those questions and see what comes up for you. As you look in the mirror begin to give yourself new definitions of who you are. Open yourself up and allow yourself to be free. Everything about yourself is your perspective. You may see yourself as unattractive but others find you very attractive. You may see yourself as not being funny, while others find you very funny. Your perception of yourself is usually incorrect. Give yourself a new meaning. Allow yourself to be who you truly are. There is no one stopping you but yourself. People will always have opinions of others, just as you have your own opinions. To hold yourself back because of other peoples opinions is illogical because you cannot control other people. You cannot please everyone. Embrace that contrast. Embrace that fact that not everyone may agree with you or like you for that matter. You do not like every person you meet do you? Stop waiting for perfect. Stop waiting for others to be satisfied. Stop putting yourself in boxes that do not belong to you. Holding yourself back and making yourself small does not serve anyone, especially you. Everyone has a rightful place to be on Earth. Everyone is worthy of the Earth experience. Part of that Earth experience is that duality, that contrast. This is something one must accept if they are to experience life to its fullest. Society has a tendency to make sure every one is in their own box. No one must get out of line for if they do, they become ridiculed. Do something different. Do something that has never been done before. If you do it your way, it has never been done before. You already know who you are. You already know why you have come here, otherwise you would not be here. Sometimes humans forget while they are experiencing Earths contrast. They begin to doubt themselves and doubt who they are. They buy into others definitions and others boxes. Are you who you really think you are? Or are you experiencing someone else's definitions? What are you afraid of? Does that fear matter? Does that fear mean anything in the physical world? As the creator of your experience, fear is not real. You have created it. Change your creation if it is not serving you. Change your definitions of yourself if they are not serving you. No one can take away your experience. No one can take away your true self. Your true self never dies. It cannot die. Be brave, for it is all your creation anyways. How do you define your creation? How do you define yourself? You are creation.

-End of channeled message-


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