Channeled Messages: How to Re-Motivate Yourself


I think everyone can relate to feeling unmotivated at times. This is a channeled message on how to help get yourself motivated again! -Beginning of channeled message-

You are here to experience life to its fullest. There is no other reason. One becomes unmotivated not because of outside influence but because of internal influence. One trains themselves to lose excitement, to lose passion to lose what made them start in the first place. Before you came to Earth, you were excited to come and explore. You were motivated and knew that nothing could stop you. You were passionate about seeing what was here, what you could accomplish and who you could interact with. As you explored, part of that excitement got lost. When things became difficult you decided that you made a mistake in coming here. You chose to see it as a detriment and it knocked you off course. When one feels depressed, or down, somewhere along the line you have gotten off course. You have forgotten the excitement and joy about why you came here in the first place. When you start something you are excited and passionate about it. You become almost obsessed with it. But somewhere along the line, the energy got drained and therefore the passion and excitement that you once had left. So, where did it go? What happened to cause the energy to leave? Your mindset changed. Your patterning changed. You took an event and used it as an excuse to get off course. You chose to see what it would be like to temporarily not succeed. You chose to see what it would be like to temporarily get off course. You see it is just temporary. You can bring that excitement and passion back into anything. Ask yourself, why did I start this? What made me want to do this in the first place? This will bring your mind back to that feeling place of excitement and passion. Instead of looking at what is, look at what could it be? Circumstances do not matter only state of being matters. What is going on outside of you is just a reflection of what is going within you. Therefore by changing the inside you can change the outside. By getting to why you started, why you came to Earth, why you met up with this person or that circumstance in the first place, you automatically begin to feel that excitement again. You can also look into the future. Wouldn't it be amazing if this happened or that happened? I wonder what it would be like if I succeed? By staying in the question and focusing on what could be, you can create that excitement for yourself as well. Because you are looking at what is in front of you, you can avoid the pain of what is happening right now. The idea is to motivate yourself by looking within as opposed to looking on the outside. You can read books, watch tv programs, go to motivation speakers, although it may help but if it is not coming from within, it will not stick. How do you want to help? What would you love to do? Why did you start in the first place? Where could it go? How do you want to feel? What can you change? Challenge yourself and see if you can do it. Challenge yourself and see if you can find that excitement by either looking in the past or in the future. Everyone becomes unmotivated every now and again. The key is to not let it control your experience. The key is to not let it change your course. If you think of all the ideas, all the people who start but did not finish, there is a lot of room to succeed, because most give up. Most let the outside circumstances dictate their outcome. Most let the outside control how they feel. If you succeed internally, you can succeed outwardly. There are not real rules, there are no real limits. You started something, even if it was just an idea, go back to the place when you first had it and notice how you feel. Go into the future and wonder what could be, and notice how you feel. Carry that feeling with you into your present moment. And take action. Don't over complicate it.

-End of channeled message-

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