Channeled Messages: Change


This is a channeled message from the group I channel called 'HU' on change! -Beginning of channeled message-

As you know, change is a constant in this reality. If you do not change or if there is no change you do not experience life to its fullest. Understand that you are an ever changing, ever evolving being. You cannot help but change. You cannot help but move. When you move in the direction of your desires and your passions, change becomes much more easier to handle and to accept. Many people fear change because they are stepping out of their comfort zone and into the unknown. The unknown is where the fear lies. But what is there to be afraid of, for it has not happened yet? You are placing fears on something that does not yet exist in your reality. Therefore your fear is misguided or misplaced. What is it that you are really afraid of when it comes to change? There may be a whole list of reasons but when it comes down to it none of those fears are based in reality because that reality has not happened yet. When you worry or are doubtful you are setting up negative patterns for yourself. None of it has happened yet so what is there to be afraid of? It becomes the idea of feeling out of control. When in actuality you are always in control of your experience. How you choose to handle your fears of change and the unknown will dictate your experience. If you are afraid and fearful of the change then you are creating negative patterns for yourself. When you are excited and feeling good you are creating positive patterns for yourself. You are simply laying out the template by choosing what emotions to feel about the new situation. Focus on what you can control in that moment. You can control your feelings, your emotions and your response to the outside world. In actuality fact those are the only really things about the world you are living in anyways. The rest is just an illusion for you to experience those feelings and emotions. The reality you are in moves forward and you must go with it. You can try to resist it but it will always win out in the end. When you resist it you become stuck. Change is the constant, movement is the constant. You can choose to go with it or against it. That choice is up to you.

-End of channeled message-


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