An Exercise to Improve Your Clairvoyance


This is a simple exercise to help improve your clairvoyance. Your clairvoyance or clear seeing is located in your third eye or minds eye. This is when you get intuitive visions or pictures. This exercise is designed to expand your ability to receive images and to help make them more clear. Get yourself in to a relaxed, meditative state and starting at your root chakra and working your way up, imagine objects that correlate to each chakras colour. The idea is to make the colours and the images as bright and clear as possible.

  • Root chakra = Red= apple, fire truck, red dress etc.
  • Sacral chakra= Orange= an orange, basketball etc.
  • Solar Plexus chakra= Yellow= the sun, a lemon, a sunflower etc.
  • Heart chakra= Green= grass, leaves, etc.
  • Throat chakra= Light Blue= the sky, water, etc.
  • Thrid Eye chakra= Indigo= blueberries, grapes, etc.
  • Crown chakra = Violet= violets, cabbage, amethyst. etc.

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