How can you tell if the psychic or medium is real?


How can you tell if the psychic or medium is real? Let's face it, there are some not so good psychics and mediums out there. So, how can you tell if the psychic is actually psychic and not making things up?

  1. There should be some form of validation. With mediumship, the medium should be able to provide proof that they are connecting with the right loved one who has  passed. Things such as, how they died, what there personality was like, occupation and hobbies etc. and then give a message from spirit. With angel readings and guidance readings, the medium should be able to validate things that are going on in the clients life now. Things such as, what has their emotional well being been like, situations that are troubling them, and even specifics such as what type of job or relationship they are in etc. Basically there should be a few pieces of concrete evidence to support the information they are providing.
  2. The information should make sense. The information should be understood by the client. If it is not making sense to you, then the medium is either making it up or not connecting properly.
  3. You may notice a change of the energy in the room. It may get colder, warmer, you may have tingling sensation or it may feel heavier or lighter than when you first came in. There should always be some change of energy because when you are connecting to spirit or higher beings the mediums energy has to change to connect in such a way. Although, not everyone may pick up on this and that's okay too.
  4. The information being said should be positive or said in a positive way. Anything scary or negative is either the mediums ego or a negative entity. Higher beings will never say anything negative such as when you or someone you know are going to die, that you are cursed in anyway, or that something bad is going to happen to you. Anything like that again, is the mediums ego or a negative entity and we don't want either of those!
  5. Use your common sense. Does this feel right? Am I being helped in anyway?


Sometimes you and the medium just aren't clicking and that is okay. The medium should recognize this and end the session. Most psychics and mediums are out there doing their best and a few people has given this type of work a bad name. Trust your gut when choosing medium/psychic to go to.

And no you are not cursed and no you do not need to pay $10,000 for the cursed to be lifted!

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