What is Channeling?


Channeling is essentially the ability to connect with a higher source to bring through information. You do this by going into a trance or meditative state. You do this all the time without even realizing it! So don't worry, it's not hard! If you remember a time when you were working on something and you were so focused on that task that every thing else seemed to fall away. When you forget where you are and what time it is, that is a form of a trance state. That is a form of conscious channeling. You can connect with:

  1. Your higher self
  2. Spirit guides
  3. Angels and Archangels
  4. Loved ones who have crossed over
  5. Other wordly entities

What can come through when channeling:

  1. Guidance on many subject matters
  2. Healing
  3. Inspirations and wisdom
  4. Creativity and writing
  5. Information on many subject matters such as technology, history, and science.


Different ways of channeling:

Vocal channeling is where you connect in with higher beings and they use your body to speak.You are essentially cutting out the middle man (you) and allowing for a direct conversation with a higher being. You are raising your energy and your guides are lowering theirs so that you meet. You step out of they way or to the side and allow them to "enter" you energy field (body). Its not a possession, they are not actually in you, they are using your aura or energy field and the channeling chakra at the base of your skull. Your voice and/or speech patterns should change and your mannerisms should change. Sometimes the channels face will change to look like their guides. Usually its hard for the channel to remember the information brought through afterwards. Some people go into really deep trances and some people are some what conscious. It is whatever works for you! Some examples of this are Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Jane Roberts and me! (This is how I work)

Trance mediumship is essentially the same as above but it is loved ones who have crossed over instead of higher beings. The information you would get would be different in the sense that it would be a mediumship reading instead of guidance.

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. This is where you get a pen and paper or your computer and get into that trance state and start writing. You can write out questions to help direct the information. The idea is that you should just be writing and not really thinking about or looking over what you are writing. I find it to be a very light trance state, where you are still conscious and able to open your eyes. Some people don't. You kinda have to experiment and see what works for you!

Some people use channeling for art, music, dance, technology, science,or writing. Most of the time with out even realizing it. There are people who do spirit art, where they can paint or draw other peoples spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over. I use channeling to write songs. There are so many things that you can channel! I think it's great! :)

All information coming through the channel should be positive and loving. Anything negative or scary is either the channels ego or a negative entity. You are always in control when you are channeling.

Channeling is a fun and exciting way to connect with your guides! I would suggest to start by meditating as much as you can and meditate with the intention of channeling. A lot of it is paying attention to the changes in energy and allowing them to come through. It takes some practice but it is well worth it! :)

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