Channeled Messages: What Does Being Your True Self Mean?


This is a channeled message from HU that talks about what being your true self means. Enjoy!

-Beginning of Channeled Message-

What does being your true self mean? Anytime you feel that passion, joy, excitement those are your indicators that you are in alignment with your true self. That means you are on the right path and heading in a good direction. Being your true self means allowing your higher self to flow through you and guide you as opposed to thinking you must do it by yourself. It means connecting in with that part of yourself that knows why you are here. That knows what it wants. That knows how to get there. There are no rules about what you should or should not be doing, but you do come into the physical world with themes that you have chosen to explore. How you choose to express those themes are up to you, for you live in a free will universe. By connecting in with those positive feelings, you are connecting in with your higher self. You do not need to see the big picture. You need to focus on what excites you the most at any given time. Follow through with that to the best of your ability until you cannot take it any further. Repeat. Your higher self is part of your soul, part of your spirit. Your higher self likes simplicity and ease. Your higher self likes the beauty in life. Your higher self can see the bigger picture and take you in that direction if you allow it. You must allow it. For you do not have to follow its guidance because that is your choice. When you open up and allow your higher self to come through, you will not have to work for anything. You will not have to make it happen. For you cannot make anything happen. You allow it to happen. Forcing something into being never works. Because you are creating resistance. Your true self is the part of you that loves you unconditionally. It is the part of you that wants the best for you. It wants you to have fun. It wants you to love. It wants you to have whatever it is you want. You must allow it to do so. There is nothing wrong with wanting the negative experiences. That is your choice. Let your higher self take over the steering wheel for a bit and see what happens. It is supposed to be an adventure. Your higher self has no fears. It has no blocks or obstacles. You create those for yourself. Yes, there are lessons to be learned, but you create them for yourself. Nothing can be done without your permission. Sometimes the world feels like it is beyond your control. That in itself is an illusion you have created. You take back control by allowing your true self to come though. If you are feeling negative emotion such as anger or depression, those are your indicators that you are out of alignment. Pay attention to those that you surround yourself with. Sometimes those with ill intent, can cause such negative feelings without you realizing it. That alone can take you off course. Because part of you knows that that is not how humans are supposed to be. That is not how you want to live. How do you want to live? It is always your choice. It is not complicated. One just likes to make it so. Tune in with makes you excited. What are you passionate about? How can you help or assist others with that passion? Are you doing what you love or are you doing what you think you are supposed to be doing? You do not have to change or fix the world. You just need to change your perspective. To one that makes you feel good. Ask yourself, how can I see this differently? What meaning am I giving this situation? Is this meaning serving me or hindering me? Your higher self will guide you to see a better meaning. Your higher self is pure love. You are complete whole being when you are using both parts of yourself. Life works much smoother if you do. That is when miracles happen. You are a miracle. You are a spiritual being and a physical being. Do not ignore one or the other. They work in harmony. Therefore you will be in harmony with your experience. You will feel at peace. You will feel secure. What do you love? Let that be your guide.

-End of Channeled Message-



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