Mental Mediumship Vs. Physical Mediumship


What is the difference between mental mediumship and physical mediumship? Mental mediumship is when the medium is the translator for the spirit. The medium will use their four clairs (clairvoyance, claircognizant, clairsentience and clairaudience) to communicate with spirit and relay the messages to the client. This is how most people do mediumship, such as the Long Island Medium.

Physical mediumship is when everyone can see, hear and feel sprit. The medium will be in a trance state and exudes a substance called ectoplasm from either the mouth, nose, ears or stomach. This ectoplasm will allow for direct voice (everyone can hear what the spirit is saying and will talk to the group), levitation and movement of objects in the room, and materialization. Materialization is when the ectoplasm morphs itself into the spirit itself, so that everyone can see the spirit. Psychical mediumship or seances are usually done in blackout conditions with minimal candle light if allowed. This is because the ectoplasm tends to be very sensitive to light. Aports may appear from the medium during a seance. Aports are objects, usually crystals or jewelry, that spirit brings though either the mediums mouth, ears or falls from the ceiling. You could call them presents from spirit. Objects can also disappear from the room. They use up beat music in seances because they need the higher vibrational energy to come through. The spirit guides that come through tend to have a great sense of humor and will keep the group laughing throughout. This is also done to remove any fear that the observers may have.

The medium sits in what is called a cabinet, which is like a wooden box with curtains on one side. The medium is tied to a chair and is usually gaged so that nothing fraudulent can go on.

A simple form of physical mediumship is table tilting. That is when you have 3 to 6 people around a table, like a small side table but any type of table will work, and place their finger tips lightly on the edges. Using upbeat music and giving spirit lots of encouragement, you can feel the energy change beneath the table and the table will start to move. You can ask the table questions such as who are you here for and the table will slide or tilt over to that person. It is spirits energy that is moving the table and you can get it levitating and dancing around the room!

Physical mediumship tends to be kept out of the mainstream for obvious reasons. There has been a lot of ridicule and negative associations with this type of work. It is not meant to be scary, it is meant to help people and show them that there is more to life than this physical world.

It truly is a magical and mind-bending experience if you ever get the chance to go to a seance!


Medium Mina Stinson Crandon in a seance producing ectoplasm from her ear.


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