Channeled Messages: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


HU on getting out of your comfort zone! -Beginning of Channeled Message-

You will always go to what you think is the most pleasurable and avoid what you think is pain. What you THINK is pleasurable and what your THINK is pain. Your subconscious mind will dictate this for you. This is another aspect of your belief systems. You will stay where it is comfortable even though it may be what is not best for you. You will stay in what you know, you will stay in what you have done before, you will stay in what is easy. It is easy to stay at the job that you have been at for years even though you dislike it and you wish to have your own business instead. The job is pleasurable to you in your subconscious. The owning your own business is painful to you in your subconscious. You must change what appears to be painful into something that is preferable. You must make where you are so painful that you have no choice but to change. You can take the safe route or you can get out of your comfort zone and see what is out there for you to experience. You never really experience if you are comfortable. The uncomfort will just be temporary. The uncomfort will become comfort in no time at all. It is taking a risk, stepping into the unknown, stepping out of your zone of comfort and safety and allowing yourself to do what it is you would love to do. Many people stay stuck or stagnant in their lives because it appears to be easy. When in actuality it is quite difficult. Demand more from yourself. Raise your standards to what it is you prefer. There is no right or wrong. Only preference. When you get out of your comfort zone your experience expands. Your view of the world gets bigger and bigger. You can now allow what it is you want to come into your life. You have opened those doors yourself. Doing what scares you is not really scary. It is scarier to stay where you are and never take a chance that what you really want could be there for you. You can experience what you really want, but you must move out of where you currently are. Energy is always creating. You and your reality is constantly changing. You are just consistently changing to the same view. You are watching the same television program on repeat and cannot understand why nothing has changed. You need to change the channel, you need to change your location, you need to change your view, you need to change your beliefs. What is it that you prefer? Is that comfortable or uncomfortable? Why is it comfortable or uncomfortable? What is the best thing that could happen? What is the worst thing that could happen? Any fear is the underlying need for safety. Going somewhere unfamiliar inherently breeds fear because you are taught that the unknown can be unsafe. Going somewhere new might lead to being attacked or killed in ancient times. If you were unprepared you may not survive. It is simple survival mechanism coming into play. You must remind yourself that it is safe. It is safe to go into the unknown. It is safe to experience what appears to be uncomfortable. You must as they say, feel the fear and do it anyway. This will prove to yourself that you are capable. That it is safe. That fear and anxiety is just your bodies way of saying that it does not feel safe. You must turn that belief around. My comfort zone expands each and every day. I am safe in exploring the unknown. To stay where you are is a form of suicide. You are killing your experience. You are saying this is all there is. When that is not true. Could you imagine if everyone on your planet was in alignment with their true selves? If everyone was doing what they loved? You must start this idea and follow those that are already doing so. There is more than enough to go around. Everything is energy and everything is creation and creation cannot stop because energy cannot stop. The idea of lack is not one based in truth. You can experience lack if you so choose to. The universe would not take that away from you. That is how much it loves and respects you and your experience. What if you could experience doing what you loved? What would happen then? Getting out of what appears to be pleasurable or safe is the first step. Nothing great has ever happened by standing still. Up root your experience. You are not a tree. Humans are designed to move and change. So get moving.

-End of Channeled Message-


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