How To Tell The Difference Between Ego and Spirit


Is it me or is it spirit? Good question!

Most of the time when people are starting out with their intuitive work and connecting with spirit, the question of is that just me or is that spirit comes up in their minds. Our ego or left brain likes to get in the way and this stops the flow of information. This is the right brains job! I think this doubting is part of the process and I think there is nothing wrong in questioning, because in that questioning is where you learn. As you practice you will begin to be able to tell the difference when it is just you talking or when it is spirit/higher beings/guides.

Here are some things to look for to help guide you in seeing if it is ego or spirit! This is for if you are giving a reading and if you are meditating and getting answers for yourself.

  1. The information should be more intelligent than the medium/channel.

What this means is that the information that you are bringing through should have an intelligence behind it. "The depth of communication should always exceed the mentality of the medium"- Eileen Garrett

2. Ask yourself, does this make sense?

Information should always make sense or have a purpose.

3. It should be positive and inspiring.

If you are connecting to higher beings they always say things in the most positive of ways. Anything negative or scary that comes though is either you or you have connected with a negative entity.

4. Notice the wording being used and the speech patterns.

It will usually be different than how you would normally speak. They may use different words or say things in a way that wouldn't sound like you.

5. A change in the atmosphere

Pay attention to any energetic changes in the atmosphere. It may get colder or warmer, you may feel tingling like pins and needles or you may feel the energy become heavier or lighter.

Most importantly trust what you are feeling, hearing, seeing and knowing! Usually the right answer is the first thing that came into your mind. Don't over analyze information and remember to always give what you get!

"The more you surrender and allow yourself to get out of the way, the greater will be the influence of the spirit.

Finally, do not worry, the more you sit in the stillness and invite the presence of spirit to draw near, the greater will be the results.

It takes time to unfold. Like any relationship the more you have the capacity to trust, the richer will be the bond between those in the spirit, and yourself. A bond that is forged in eternity." -Eileen Garrett (Trance Medium, 1893-1970)


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