Channeled Messages- Following Through On Opportunities


This is a channeled message on opportunities. Life presents us different opportunities all the time and most of the time people do not follow through on them. This channeled message has to do with why it is important. Now keep in mind everything is your choice and if it seems like a bad or unsafe opportunity obviously use your own judgement and common sense. I am one of those people who don't follow through on a lot of opportunities mainly out of fear. I find the more I follow through and take action the easier it gets.

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that opportunities will show up in your life when you are ready to receive them. You have a choice whether or not you follow through on each opportunity that presents itself to you. Understand that when you follow through on an opportunity even if you do not know where it may lead you, you are creating momentum and saying to the universe that I will take action. Understand that the universe likes to see people follow through, it likes to see that you will take action. Understand that it is very easy just to let opportunities pass you by simply because you think it may not lead anywhere or anywhere you wish to go. Understand that what may seem like an opportunity that leads no where can be the opportunity that gets you where you need to be. Understand that everything comes from the path of least resistance and you do not know what that is. When you act on opportunity, the universe will give you more and more. When something is presented to you and you take it as far as you can take it, you are saying to the universe that I am ready. It is the willingness to take action and to follow through on what the universe gives you that allows you to move forwards in the direction you wish to go. It is important that you do not judge opportunity, have a curiosity and an excitement for it. Say to yourself I wonder where this will lead me? I wonder what exciting things this has in store for me? You are the creator of your universe but you do not know how something will come to you. The more you show the universe that you are ready by taking action, the more of what you want will come to you.

-End of channeled message-



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