Channeled Messages- Why Is It Important to Meditate?


This is a channeled message on meditation. People always say mediation is important but why? I don't know why, but I figured the group I channel called "HU" do! This what they had to say about meditation.

-Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that when you meditate your are in a closer vibrational place to your higher self and to the place in which you came here from. When you meditate you are connecting in with different parts of yourself which allows for information to come through. Meditation centers the energetic points of the body. When you are in that meditative state you want to be in the space in between thoughts. The less that is happening in your mind the better. We feel that meditation is something of a lost art form that is now coming back into the collective consciousness. It is a re-awakening of sorts. Meditation puts you in those higher vibrations where your desires can manifest, where solutions to problems occur, where infinite knowledge lies. It is that connecting in with the universe and getting back to your roots so to speak. It is the acknowledgement of where you came from and the acknowledgement that you are not doing this alone. It is the connecting in with the higher vibrations that unlocks parts of the mind. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The way that you do it will be perfect for you at that time.

Meditating in groups multiplies the energy connections, so that you have a stronger connection with the universe or source energy. Understand that the energy that you connect with when you meditate will stay with you. You feel good afterwards because you are connecting back in with who you really are. You know you are not just a physical human body. You are spirit as well. You are source energy as well. Everything is connected not just on earth but with in the universe as well. It is a giant web of connective energy. Some may wish to mediate inwards and some may wish to meditate up wards. Neither one is wrong or right, but you will receive different benefits from both. If you meditate inwards you are going to a soul level. You are connecting in with your soul. If you meditate upwards, you are connecting in with source energy. Understand that is was not always this way for the energy of your planet has changed and therefore energetic work has changed.

When you clear your mind and remove all thoughts you can receive information, guidance and healing on your own. It is getting to the space between thoughts and allowing yourself to get there. Even if you don't receive information on a conscious level, you will on a sub- conscious level. Do not be afraid to go in the space of nothingness for there is never a void.

-End of channeled message-


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