How To Use Angel Cards

Angel cards are an easy and effective way to get information and to connect with the angels. They are positive and inspiring and they have a nice, gentle energy to them. You can get angel cards at Chapters, online or any spiritual/metaphysical store. I use Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot Cards, but there are many different types. Take your time and see which ones you are guided to use. IMG_2410How to use

Step 1: Clear the deck

You want to clear your deck of any energy the cards may have picked up. You simply hold the deck in you non dominant hand and with you other hand, make a fist and knock on the top of the deck once. This clears out any old energy and it is good to use if other people have been using your deck or if you are using someone else's.

Step 2: Put your energy into the cards

Now that you've cleared your deck, you want to put your energy into the cards. Quickly touch each of the cards and then fan the deck out in front of you. Hold the fanned deck close to your heart and say a prayer or set your intention of what you would like to bestow upon the cards. Such as asking for clarity, confidence, healing, or guidance.



Step 3: Ask a question

Ask a question you would like an answer to. You can either do this out loud or in your mind. If you are doing a reading for someone else have the sitter either verbally say the question or have them think of it.

Step 4: Shuffle the cards

Shuffle the deck as you think of the question. Notice any thoughts or feeling that may come to you at this time. When you feel guided to stop or when the cards begin to clump into two sections, stop shuffling the cards. Sometimes a card may jump out of the deck, put it aside for it will be part of the reading.

Step 5: Choose a card

Pick the card that is on the top of of the deck. This is the card with the answer or guidance to your question. Read the words on the card and as you do notice any feelings or visions that may come to you.

Step 6: Meditate on the card

Hold the card that you picked in your hands and close your eyes and relax. You want to meditate on the card to see if you can pick up any additional information. You don't need to do this for very long. You may wish to write down the information that you got or if you are doing a reading for someone verbally tell them what else you are picking up. The goal is to use the card as a starting point and then dig in deeper by seeing what else you can pick up from the card. Or you can cheat and use the guide book that comes with them! Whatever works! ;)


When you are done, thank the angels.

You only need to do steps 1 and 2 when you first get your cards or if someone else has used your cards. Sometimes I'll get a card I don't like so I put it back and try again, only to get the same card. So I put it back and try again and still get the same card! So then I'm like, okay fine angels, and I'll go with it. Or I'll just put them away and not talk to them for a while. They can be very persistent sometimes!

Have fun with them and see what you can come up with!