Channeled Message: Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day! (yay! or boo... depending on your stance on valentines day) It's the day that the corporation and/or cupid tells us to celebrate our love! I like chocolate so I'm cool with valentines day. Here's a channeled message on love!

-Beginning of Channeled Message-

When one falls in love, energetic bonds become stronger. They come out from the heart chakra and connect in with the others heart chakra. Understand that when you separate from another that you have created these bonds with, you will have a pain in the chest area. This is the idea of what you would call heart break. It is the breaking off of an energetic bond. Understand that bonds never really die so to speak, they will always be there, but to the degree that they are there can very. Understand that you have these bonds with everyone you come into contact with. It is like an energetic web connecting everyone together. You fall in love because of agreements made before you came here. It is that love or that feeling of love that is your indicator that you have reconnected. You are remembering what it felt like before you entered this world. Understand that you may have agreements with many individuals and they can take different forms of that love, such as family members, friends, pets and romantic relationships. That feeling of falling in love is that sub conscious memory of pre-birth agreements and what it felt like before you entered this world. Sometimes there is a past life connection with another person. When you come into contact with this person you may feel remnants of the old relationship, either good or bad. So you may really dislike someone for no apparent reason or you may get along as if you have been friends forever even though you have just met. Understand that soul groups tend to stay together for many life times. When we talk of soul mates, it is simply someone from that soul group. Your soulmate doesn't necessarily be a romantic partner, it could be family, friends, pets, etc. It is that meeting up and remembering that pure love, what it felt like when you were simply energy, that feeling of before you were born. That is what true love is.

-End of Channeled Message-