What is a Trance State?


A trance state is simply an altered state of consciousness. You are in different degrees of trance states through out the day with out even realizing it. An obvious one is waking up/going to sleep, but also while watching TV, driving, reading, playing sports etc. Most peoples normal state is very aware of their environment and they have a lot of internal mind chatter. When you are in an altered state, you become less aware of your environment and your attention tends to be on one thing. You become absorbed by the task and everything else falls away. It is that turning inward that is the trance state. You are in a light trance state when doing anything creative, such as painting or writing. You may feel a bit dreamy and things just flow to you, this is evidence of that trance state. Channeling involves a light relaxed trance state where you go inward and up to receive information. When I channel I usually imagine going up a flight of stairs or an elevator. When channeling higher beings you want to raise your vibration so that you can blend with their energy. Doing any sort of channeling that involves receiving information, such as vocal channeling, automatic writing, inspired speech, doesn't have to be a very deep trance otherwise you might end up in a meditative state (which is fine if you want to achieve that.) This is called concision channeling. You still have an awareness to some degree but you are more of an observer and let the information flow though you. You are stepping aside and letting the higher beings come through. There are some people who are unconscious channelers that say it is like falling asleep and they have no recollection of what was said. I find this to be fairly rare now a days. A famous channeler who was like this was Edgar Cayce.

I find when I channel, I am still somewhat aware, I can remember the ideas and concepts of what was said but not the exact wording. I can still hear but I lose all perception of space and time. When I come back to awareness, it takes me a minute or two to remember where I am. I always think I know where I am when in a trance state, but when I come back it is a shock!

Essentially trance states are anytime you turn your attention inward and to what varying degree. Start to pay attention to when you are in trance states trough out the day. The more aware you are of them, the easier it is to achieve them on your own!



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