Meditation: Putting Up Protection


This is a meditation for putting up protection. Protection is very important anytime you are opening yourself up to different energies. Remember we only want beings of love and light! (unless your an mean and evil lightworker, than this doesn't apply to you...) This doesn't just have to be for spiritual purposes, you can use this meditation for anytime you feel as if you need some protection! This is good if you feel as if you have some negative attachments of any kind and it is also a good one for prevention.


  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • take three deep breaths, clear your mind and relax
  • Imagine a shield of white light coming down over you
  • watch as the white light slowly surrounds you
  • as the white light surrounds you, feel anything negative being to fall away
  • once you are completely surrounded, sit there for a few moments and feel that white light
  • when you are ready, ask for Archangel Michael to come close
  • as he comes closer you can feel the white shield of light getting stronger
  • ask him to only let beings of love and light enter this shield and anything else to bounce off of it
  • sit for a few moments and feel this protection
  • ask that Archangel Michael be with you at all times and thank him for helping you put up protection
  • sit in that shield of white light for a few minutes, feeling that protection and safety, knowing that you are well protected.
  • when you are ready begin to come back and notice your surroundings
  • take your time in coming back and when you are ready you may open your eyes


Take some time and reflect on the experience. Notice how you feel afterwards and any thoughts that may have come to you during the meditation. You can do this as many times as you like.

For more info on protection go here: How to Protect Yourself as a Medium