The Vibrational Landscape

There are different energy "levels" when working with higher beings/spirit.  Each group vibrates at the their own frequency. When you connect in with angels or spirit guides for example your are connecting in with their vibrational frequency. Your energy is blending with theirs. If you think of it like a skyscraper in the basement you would have negative entities and as you go up the top floor would be other worldly entities. Below is the list from highest to lowest.
 Vocal Channeling - Otherworldly entities
Archangels - Michael, Raphael, Azrael
Ascended Masters
Spirit guides
Fairies & Elementals
Deceased Loved Ones
Deceased Pets
Earthbound Spirits
Negative Entities
You will notice the energy differences as you work with different groups. Such as working with deceased loved ones will feel different than working with the archangels. There is no right or wrong, it is just where you feel comfortable working. Hopefully you won't be doing any work in the basement with the negative entities!
The higher you go the broader in the information will be. It will be more about the bigger picture and more long term as opposed to specifics and short term. For example if you are asking advice from a deceased loved one, you will get their own personal advice, if you go up to the angels to ask, you will get more objective and specific information, if you go up higher to the other worldly entities you will get the bigger picture and why things are happening.
When you meditate see how high up you can go. Imagine either walking up stairs or an elevator and see where you feel comfortable. I prefer working high up with other worldly entities while Tammy, my mother, prefers working lower down with the deceased loved ones and angels.
Experiment and see what works for you!