How To Protect Yourself As A Medium

Protection is very important when doing any sort of mediumship or channeling. You are opening yourself up to the spirit world and you want to be in control of what is coming through. We live in a world of duality so there is going to be negative and positive in all aspects of life. Negative entities can make their way through sometimes and can give you false, negative or confusing information. We don't want that! So what do we do?!
What protection a medium should use:
  • Burning white sage
  • Surrounding yourself in white light
  • Ask for Archangel Michael's protection
  • No alcohol or drugs when channeling
  • Only allow beings of love and light and they must have the permission of Archangel Michael

You may wish to write out a contract with your spirit team stating that you will only work with beings of love and light and sign your name.


To the universe and my spirit team, I choose to only work with and channel beings of love and light, for my highest good and the highest good of others and so it is. 

Signed, Elora Taylor 


Choose which ever wording works for you, but be sure to be careful in your wording.You are making a contract with the universe after all and they've been known to take things literally! (so no metaphors okay?) Plainly state what it is you want!

You should know, or get to know, how spirit/angels/guides speak. You get to know their language and wording. Everything is always said in a positive way even if it's not a positive situation. Anytime you are getting negative or scary words check to see what it is you are communicating with because that is sign that you are communicating with a negative being. When this happens stop the reading/communication, burn some white sage and ask for Archangel Michael's help in removing this negative entity.

Once you have your protection in place just do little reminders for yourself and spirit. Every time you do a reading or connect in you should ask that that session be protected beforehand.

Protection is very important in this line of work. It's time to put up those shields, state who you want to work with (beings of love and light!) and kick out any of those negative little jerks!