How Mediums Receive Information


How we receive our information is up to spirit and each spirit communicates differently. To which we say "dammit spirit!" just when we think we've got it all figured out! Every mediumship reading is different which can make it challenging, but remember to always give what you get! Everyone has all four clairs, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognisense. Some may be stronger than others but everyone has all four. These are the four clairs in regards to giving a mediumship reading:


Clairvoyance is french for clear vision. This is when spirit communicates with you through visions. You may get pictures, movies, symbols or flashes. You may see spirit as a physical being or an energetic outline. Spirit will often work symbolically and use your personal dictionary to get across what they are trying to say. For example you may get an image of your friend which has nothing to do with the reading that is being done and you say why the heck did you show me this?! You then think what is significant about this friend? Then you come to the conclusion that they and the spirit you are communicating with had the same illness. It takes practice to learn what the symbols are and your symbols will be different then everyone else's symbols.



Clairaudience means clear hearing. This is when spirit communicates with you through your hearing. You may hear words, a voice, names, or phrases. It may be like having a conversation with the spirit or you may get a few words or phrases. Sometimes you may hear music or words of a song that are significant to spirit. You may hear how the person spoke, if they had an accent or spoke another language. If they spoke another language that you do not understand you will have to go to one of the other clairs!


Clairsentience means clear sensing. This is when spirit communicates through feelings and emotions. You may get physical sensations such as a headache or pain the the body. You may get their emotional state such as sadness, fear, or joy. You may start to take on their movement and mannerisms. You will feel how spirit felt while there were in the physical. You may get a scent that was significant such as perfume or baked goods if spirit enjoyed baking in the physical world. So if you are smelling something funny in a reading it is probably part of the reading! (hopefully!)


Claircognisense means clear knowing. This is when spirit communicates through your crown chakra and you just seem to know information about the spirit you are communicating with. You may simply just know, words might pop out of your mouth or you mouth is a step ahead of your brain. It feels like riding a wave or being on a roll. This is a good one to go to if the spirit has any communication issues.