How to open your gifts and abilities

Here are some ways to help open up your psychic and spiritual gifts! If you know of any other ways leave a comment below!

Meditation is probably the key for opening up your gifts and abilities. When you are able to calm your mind and relax, that is when you are able to receive information from a higher source. Just by sitting in the higher energy can open you up immensely. You may wish to use guided meditations, use instrumental music, candle gazing or focusing on a word either in your mind or on a piece of paper. Try to do it at the same time and in the same place every time. Do what you are able to, you may only be able to do 5-10 mins twice a week. That's fine as long as you try and stick to a schedule. You are making an appointment with the universe, so try and show up!

Pineal gland clearing 
The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the middle of your brain. It is also called the third eye. Mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known that this is the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Through certain chemicals such a fluoride, your pineal gland in your brain can calcify making psychic gifts diminish. Some ways to clean it up are:
  • avoiding mercury. Having mercury tooth fillings changed, avoid eating fish and using Eco light bulbs are full of mercury
  • Avoiding fluoride in water and toothpaste. You can get fluoride free toothpaste easily at any health food store. The pineal gland attracts fluoride more than any other organ.
  • Eating organic foods. Some pesticides are toxic to the pineal gland.
  • Take some Skate Liver Oil
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking
  • Raw chocolate. Raw cacao is a pineal stimulant and detoxifier in large amounts. So now you have a perfectly good reason to eat chocolate!



Doing a heavy metal cleanse to get rid of mercury and other metals from your body. Using a sauna can help as well.

High Vibration food
Eating food of a higher vibration such as organic fruit and vegetables. You want food that still has a life force so the more raw foods you can get the better.

Some more ways:
Clearing and balancing chakras
REH over chakras/reiki (protect yourself - only accept if it’s for my highest good)
Setting Intention
Clearing Past life traumas
Being around high vibrational people (depressed, ill, around sociopathic people)
Magnetic passes - Mesmer
Practice (playing cards, red or black)