Channeled Messages: Manifestations Through Feeling


  -Beginning of channeled message-

Understand that when you want something that desire is immediately recognized. Understand that after that moment there is no need to continually beat the drum of wanting it. Understand that everything you want is already there, you just have to be in the right vibration to experience it.

Emotionally manifestation will always come first. The idea is to feel better before you have something as opposed to feeling better after you have acquired it. Understand that it is the better feeling emotions that will get you what you want. When you are happy, excited, feeling good, it puts you in the right vibrational stand point to experience your desire. It is the raising of your vibration that will allow you to experience what it is you want. Understand that nothing is really psychical. Everything in your experience is vibrational energy taking on different forms. What you experience is real. It is the emotion, the interactions with others, what you choose to experience is real. The vehicle in which you chose to experience it is not. For example you may wish to choose the experience of driving an expensive car. That experience is real, the car is not. Understand that material objects seem real to you because you are vibrationally aligned to them. It is also part of the earth experience, but know that materiel objects are very malleable. What we are getting at is it doesn't matter how your desires come to you. Its the feeling you want, because that is the ultimate goal anyways is it not? You want to experience the feeling of having of the car, the feeling of driving of the car, not actually being a car. You want to experience the feeling of having more money, the feeling of being able to spend as much as you want, the feeling of freedom. Its all about the feeling. And that is why when you are in a positive feeling place before you receive, you will be in closer alignment to what it is you want and therefore it can come to you much faster. If you feel it before you have it, then it must come.

Remember it's the experience and its the feeling, it's never the materiel object. That material object is simply a vehicle to experience. That career, that trip, that new house is simply a vehicle to experience. So allow yourself to expand on what is possible, allow yourself to be open to all possibilities for what you think you may want may not be the best why to experience that feeling. The universe may have better plans for you. Again focus on the feeling and the more you experience positive feelings and emotions through out the day, the faster your desires will come to you. Remember you are in control of your feelings and emotions and therefore are in control of your experience.

-End of channeled message-