Channeled Messages: On Crystals


This channeled message is a bit on how and why crystals work. I don't use crystals too much in my work but I recently got a amethyst and smokey quartz crystal and I wanted to experiment with it. So far when I work with it, I can feel a definite energy change that I haven't experienced with other ones. -Beginning of channeled message-

Crystals create a concentrated energy field that allows one to create a strong vibration in a concentrated area. They act as reactors to direct energy into whatever is in immediate contact with it. It is a life force of the earth that when in contact with another life force can create a strong connection. For example when one is holding a crystal your energy and the crystals energy blend together to create a strong vibrational change in that moment. Crystals have different energy properties which correlate to different human needs such as healing or intuition. It is where that crystal vibrates that indicates where it will be helpful. Once you get a crystal meditate with it and put your energy and its energy together. Learn how your crystal works, learn what it can be useful for you for, feel its energy going through you and back out into it like a circuit. You are creating a relationship with it and the more you work with it the more powerful it will become. It is a reactor so to speak. You may use it to increase the effectiveness of whatever you need. Crystals can be used to open up doorways into the other worlds and to connect with higher beings. If used right, the crystals can be you greatest asset.  The more natural the crystal the more energy it will hold. Look for unpolished ones and unprocessed ones. Explore different ones and see which work for you.

-End of channeled message-

Let me know what types of crystals you use and what results you have gotten with them!