Blocks Associated With Spiritual/Psychic Work


I would say that most people have some sort of block/fears to doing spiritual work even though they are compelled to doing it. Most of these blocks are rooted in past life and of course your current life. In the past there was a lot of trauma and negative associations with doing spiritual work. You can look at all the witch trials for example. Many people were tortured and executed from doing this work and you carry that trauma with you from life time to life time. Even witnessing an execution or torture in a past life would have a profound impact on you. Part of you now feels unsafe in doing this work and that is where the blocks lye. In your current life you may have grown up with parents that didn't believe in this sort of thing. You may feel that you might become rejected by your loved ones and that society will not accept you. You might be afraid that people will think you are crazy if you tell them about what you do. Understand that these are all blocks that are hindering your ability to be your true self and to open up yourself spiritually.

For me, my blocks were rooted in past life. I had many lifetimes of trauma from doing spiritual work, and I spent a year or so remembering them and letting go of them. I'm still working on it! I grew up with this sort of thing so I was lucky in always having a support system and guidance.

Whenever you feel afraid or feel resistance to what you are doing remind yourself that you are safe. The people that need to be in your life will be there and if they reject you in any way know that it is not personal it is their own fears coming to light. In the beginning ease yourself and others into you. Tell people who you trust and don't expect everyone to be on board with you right away. Remember that you do not need to prove yourself in anyway or make anyone a believer. Do what you do and let your work make people believers.

You may wish to meditate with the intention of removing your blocks/fears. You may wish to write down all you fears surrounding the work. The key is bringing those fears to light and letting them go.

Remember that you are a healer and it is always about the other person, it is about helping others. By focusing on service, you can remove a lot of the fear. Remember that what you are doing is extremely helpful to others and that you are an example for others to follow.

You would be surprised how many times I have told people what I do and have had a positive reaction. A lot of people are interested and curious in this sort of work. These days the stigma around spiritual work is lifting and it is becoming more and more mainstream. There has been an energy shift on earth and things are beginning to change for the better.

So let your spiritual self shine, remember that you are always learning and growing and that you have your gifts to help others!