Channeled Messages: Why Thoughts Create Your Reality


Channeled message on why your thoughts create your reality!

Understand that everything you experience is a reflection of what your dominant thoughts and beliefs are. What you put out is what you get back. Understand that there is no real "reality". Everything is fluid and malleable. When your dominant thoughts are ones of positivity you will notice positive experiences, and on the reverse side, if your thoughts are mainly negative you will notice negative experiences. This is because thoughts are they symptoms of where you are vibrationaly. Understand that you are a vibrational being, as well as everything in your existence. Where your vibration is dictates your thoughts and beliefs which dictates your experience. To change your vibration you must change your thoughts and beliefs. Understand that this is easy to do. Once you take a look at the patterns in your life, you can start to see where you are at. Some of you may look at them and say, I am doing very well, others may say I would like to change somethings. Do you constantly have negative people around you? What are your thoughts and beliefs about people? Are they loving? Probably not. Remember what your currently experiencing is reflecting back on you what you are thinking. With this knowledge you can begin to change your experience into what it is you want. Understand that all change must come from you first and the experience must catch up with it. Do not look for change on the outside right away. Know that you have changed and act in accordance to it then the outside must reflect that back. Understand that there is a bit of a waiting time so that the universe knows that you actually want this. Start working with this concept and see what changes you can make within your life. Remember that it all has to come from you first.