Channeled Messages: Goal Setting


Goal setting is something I tend to when the moment hits me, which is not very often... and then I forget about them... There is a lot of information on setting goals and this is a good reminder as to how to do it. I always need a little (sometimes big) kick in the butt to get me moving!

I'm making it a goal to keep and achieve my goals!

-Beginning of channeled message-

Goals are an easy and effect way in staying on your path for it can become very easy to wander off in other directions.

We feel that setting goals is a very important step in achieving what it is you wish to achieve. We suggest writing down what it is you wish to achieve in the long run. What is the big picture, what its your big dream? Do not limit yourself on what you can achieve.

After you make your list of the "big goals" such as making a million dollars a year or owning your own business. Break those goals down to smaller more achievable ones. Start with what can you easily do now and then once you are in a routine with your goals, expand on them. What are the next steps I need to take.

To make your goals effective you must start out small. Start with what is attainable. You want to have baby steps and not giant leaps. We suggest choosing goals not only in the area in which you wish to achieve but also in other areas such as personal development. For example you may have your career goals but then also add in activities or things that will improve you in other areas, such as learning a new language, taking up running, or meditating every day. Understand that once you get the hang of your smaller goals, you can being to expand on them. For example perhaps one of your goals is to meditate every day for 10 minutes, once you've gotten in the routine of that for more than a week or two, you can now change your goal to mediate for 15 minutes every day. Understand that in taking small steps, you seemingly big goals become much easier to achieve.

Remember to reward yourself often once you achieve one of your goals. This will help keep you motivated.

Goals are the stepping stones that lead you on your path to where you want to go. Understand that you may not know exactly where you'll end up, you just need to head in its general direction.

-End of channeled message-