Channeled Messages: Living the Life You Want


Hi! Sorry it's been a while since the last post! I've been going though a lot of changes (good ones, don't worry!). Anyways, I'll be posting more frequently again.

In this channeled message they wanted to talk about having the life you want to live. I think living the life we want is something most people can connect with, I know I sure can. We tend to get wrapped up in whats going on in front of us and forget that we can control what we are experiencing. We forget who we truly are and follow other peoples ideals. It isn't until we take a step back and examine what we truly wish to experience that we can change it.

-Beginning of channeled message-

The first step to have the life you want is to believe that it is possible. You must believe that you are deserving. You must believe that you are able.You must believe that it is easy. Understand that your belief system dictates your experience. Belief is more powerful than thought. For what you believe to be true on a conscious and subconscious level is what your reality is based on. Understand that many of the beliefs that you have, have been picked up from people around you and things you have experienced. Understand that many of those beliefs are false ones. If we look at belief in action, for example, if one wishes to have a million dollars but on some level they do not believe this is possible,or they believe that they do not deserve such a thing, then it can never come. For your believes are contradictory to your desire. Your beliefs must match your desire. The universe is always ready to give you what you want but you must be in alignment with it. You must examine your desires and how they compare with what you believe. They must match. Simply by bringing the underlying beliefs up to the surface is a way to change them. Decide what you wish to believe and replace the old believes. Take the time to truly examine which beliefs serve you and which ones don't. Beliefs are the key to opening up the door to all of your desires.

-End of channeled message-