What is Vocal or Trance Channeling?


Vocal or Trance channeling is when a person puts their conscious aside in order to allow an entity to speak through their body. (The person that does this is called the channel or medium and the being that does the speaking is called an entity or spirit.)  When this happens the person having the reading is now in direct contact with a higher being. It is like having a conversation with an very wise and loving person. As the channels conciseness is put to the side, you will notice changes in their personality, movements and voice. They will seem to take on a different persona, and that is the persona of the entity coming though. Each channel will have their own way of how they channel and there are many different entities to be channeled. The entities that come through have chosen to do so to help and to provide guidance in a positive and loving way. These beings, as they vibrate much higher than we do, can see the "bigger picture". They have a higher perspective about whats going on in our lives. The person having the reading will also benefit from being around the energy that is coming though the channel. The words that the entity chooses to say are in vibrational alignment with the person having the reading, so that they will hear the information as they need to hear it. They will reach you not only on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level as well.

There should never be anything scary about this process. All entities should be of love and light and they should never tell you anything scary or negative.

I channel entities that call themselves "HU". They are beings in a much higher vibrational dimension than ours and this is what they had to say about channeling.

In their words:

"We come to connect with you to provide guidance and inspiration. We come with the most positive intentions. You will receive benefits not just from our words but also from sitting in our energy. Understand that as we are much higher vibrationaly from yourselves, we will see things in ways that you may not. We have a different perspective. Understand that you may ask us any thing and we will do our best to answer with integrity and in an inspiring way. From your worlds events to what is going on within your life, nothing is too big or too small. We ask that you come in with an open mind and to be open to receiving the information in new ways. We are here to help and are always willing to answer your questions. We look forwards to connecting with you!"

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