Channeled Messages: How To Be A Winner


Channeled message on how to be a winner! -Beginning of channeled message-

To win at contests or lottery or any competition of any kind, you must first put yourself in the vibration of being a winner. Take a moment before you enter or start and feel what being a winner feels like. Understand that you are looking for the feeling, the emotion behind it, not necessarily visualizing yourself winning the prize. Understand that putting yourself in the vibration of being a winner will allow what needs to come into your life for your highest good. Understand that it may not be the prize you think you want, but the perfect prize will come to you in the correct way. Really, take the time to feel what being a winner feels like. Put it inside of your body, feel it with every fiber of your being and then let it go. Do not focus on the prize itself. Again, because what you think you want and what you actually want can be two different things, not always, but usually the universe has something better in mind for you. We ask you to let go of the expectation and to allow what is in your highest good to come to you. Let go of the need to win and once you have that feeling of winning, let it go and know that it is done.We wish you good luck, although we know you will not need it now after doing this, because you have already won!

-End of channeled message-