Hi! I know I've been a little MIA on this blog lately, there has been some exciting changes! First of all I'm moving to Toronto and I have a new website! My new website is www.torontomedium.com, there you can book a reading and get some more info! I'm also adding vocal or trance channeling sessions and those are available through the website. A vocal channel is where the entity speaks through me, so it is like a direct conversation with a higher being. There's more info on the site and I will do a blog post with more in depth information on it. It's pretty cool!

My mother, Tammy, and I will also be starting to do workshops which we will announce shortly!

So please check out www.torontomedium.com and I will keep you posted on all the new stuff happening!

I would also like to thank everyone that has been checking out this blog, I really appreciate it!

All the best,