Methods of Removing Negative Energy


Every once and a while we can get negative energy that gets "stuck" in our house. Spiritual cleansing is important to help get rid of it. Negative energy can make us feel uneasy, angry, depressed and it can be difficult to sleep. Cleansing ourselves and the space we live in is something that should be done on a regular basis. We can pick up negative energy from anywhere. You can even cleanse your car, work space, outside of your house, pretty much anything! Here are a few ways to cleanse yourself and your house. White Sage or Smudging


Burning white sage is a great way to clear out negative energy within anything, including yourself! It's the go to for cleansing! You can get white sage at any metaphysical store or online, it's usually pretty easy to find. Smudging is based on the idea that the smoke attaches its self to the negative energy and carries it away. It is also good to improve your mood when you are in a negative state. You can buy it in bundles or loose. If using loose sage, you will need a shallow bowl to burn it in.

To smudge, light the sage with matches or a lighter, let it burn for a few seconds and then blow it out so that you only have smoke coming from it. Go around to every room of your house and see where you feel guided to clear out energy. The sage will tend to be more smokey in areas that need it most. You can put it in a shallow bowl and use a feather to help move it around if you wish. Make sure you get all the corners, doorways, windows and closets! While you are smudging, it is best if you start and stay in a positive mind frame of mind.

Don't worry about the smell sticking around, it won't last very long.

You can do this anytime and you can never really over do it. I smudge everyday and I do it usually before I go to bed.

You may need to do it a few times to feel the full effect and depending on how much cleansing needed to be done.

Tambourine Cleaning

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This is a similar idea as smudging but with a tambourine or bells. You simply shake the tambourine or bells in every room of your house to get stagnant energy moving again. You can do this in conjunction with smudging. The sage will remove the negative energy and the tambourine will get the energy moving again. This is also good to do if you are feeling stuck.



You can sprinkle salt around the room. (You can vacuum it up after!) Salt has a natural ability to absorb negative energy. Its best to use kosher salt or a natural salt. Basically your trying to avoid processed or refined salt. You can also put small bowls of salt around a room, particularity in the corners. To cleanse yourself, you can take a salt bath. Sprinkle two cups of sea salt when you take a bath.