Channeled Messages: "About Us"


I'v been finding a lot of changes happening especially with my channeling. I feel like I am on to a new chapter. I usually let what I've been referring to as "angels" take the lead on what they wish to talk about. They wanted to talk about themselves today and sort of explain who they are. I find that I'm opening up even more and having a better understanding of who I cam communicating with. They said they were ready to share this information.

-Beginning of channeled message-

We would like to take the time to talk about us and our place with you. We are not what you call "angels", but we are part of that god energy. We are ancient beings. We are collective consciousness. We do have names but are recognized by our vibrational frequency. We come together to allow guidance and healing. We come only from a place of love. We recognize each and every one of you as part of a whole. Individually making up the whole like a puzzle. You all have your place and role in this environment. As we have never been part of your environment we have a different view of who you are, as we can see the whole and all that it is. We give information on a necessary basis. You will hear what you need to know, when you need to know it. We are communicators and the forms in which we communicate will vary. May it be in writing or spoken word. We choose to use your language as its basis. We are communicators in its most basic fashion. As we continue along our journey, you will notice changes, as things become easier. Our channel is learning as all channels are. We cannot and will not "prove ourselves" for we only offer what we can offer. Whether in agreement or disagreement, we can only offer words of encouragement and guidance. If we feel as if we are being tested we will not answer. We conclude this transmission by acknowledging each and everyone of you, and may your journey be everything you wish it to be.

-End of channeled message-