Channeled Messages: The Power of Gratitude!

I asked the angels to help me on something I've been struggling with and that was that I keep putting out money and not getting much back. Now, its not like I'm going on shopping sprees or something! The money I've been putting out has been to help my career and I think most people can relate to that. I understand that gratitude is important but it never really clicked in until now. I'm a slow learner sometimes and I'm pretty sure I drive my angels and spirit guides crazy! I've posted below what they had to say and I hope you find it helpful as well! -Beginning of channeled message-

As abundance is your natural state, there is a desire for it to flow towards you. Sometimes we get ourselves into a place where abundance has been flowing away from us without much in return. Soon one starts to feel drained. The reversal of this flow is quite simple. Start by acknowledging what you do have at this very moment. I am grateful, I am blessed is a good affirmation to start to put yourself into this state of being. Keep a journal and everything write down 5- 10 things that you are grateful for that happened that day. Try to keep it as a day to day exercise. You'll start to notice a change in vibration. For by focusing on what you do have, you are focusing on abundance. By focusing on what you do not have you are focusing on lack. Acknowledging what you do have and what is going right in your life, puts yourself in the correct vibration and allows more of more to come to you. Remember that you are a vibration being and the key is being in vibrational harmony with what you desire. Also remember that every subject or desire had two ends, having and have not. For example with money you can have an abundance of more or an abundance of lack. Gratitude will shift you towards the vibration of more.

-End of channeled message-