Meditation: Putting Yourself In The Vibration Of Prosperity

This is a meditation/exercise you can use to put yourself in the vibration of prosperity. It should take no longer then 5 minutes. You will need a piece of paper, pen and a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill. The amount of money you choose should be whatever you are comfortable with and as you do this repeatedly you can start to move up the amount to 50 or 100. Do not go more than you feel comfortable with but also don't go lower than you feel comfortable with. This is a really easy exercise and it puts you into the vibration of money flowing to you instead of flowing away from you.

  1. Take a piece of paper and your 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill
  2. Place the money on the paper and draw a rectangle around it, so that there is a box around your money
  3. Write in the center of the box how many times you would like that money to multiply. eg. X10,000
  4. Place the money back in the box, so that it is covering the multiplied amount
  5. Place both your hands about an inch above the money and feel gratitude for the money that you already have. "I am thankful for all the money that I have received." Make sure that you stay in this state of gratitude!
  6. Ask that this money be multiplied by the amount that you have written down. Ask three times
  7. Ask that all the pathways that this money could come to you be open and clear
  8. Place your finger tips on the money and imagine the money flowing into you. (pick up the energy of the money)
  9. Sit with that for a while until you feel that you have had enough while continuing the feeling of gratitude
  10. When you are done, keep your piece of paper and money in a safe spot. You can do this exercise daily or whenever you feel it is necessary.