Channeled Messages: "Relationships and Energetic Bonds"


-Beginning of channeled message- Relationships are the most fundamental part of your experience. For they show you more of yourself, assist you in growth and can show you what you want or do not want. Every time you interact with someone an energetic bond is formed. Sometimes it’s a very small bond if it’s for a short moment, and sometimes it is a strong bond if it is a longer moment. These energetic bonds are like orange tubes coming out of our solar plexus. They connect us on all aspects of the other person. When a bond is strong we can read the other person like a book. If you wish to tap in stronger with someone bring your energy down to that tube and connect in with it. Sometimes these energetic bonds no longer serve us, so the bonds must be “cut”, but they rarely ever are. This is why we can still feel connections with people from out past whether good or bad. These bonds carry all the information that has gone on between each person. Negative or positive, they can hold a lot of weight and relationships can be strained. Take a good look at what is in those bonds with the people in your life. See where it is necessary to remove certain bonds or cords. Becoming negatively attached to someone can be very draining.

-End of channeled message-

Cord Cutting Exercise:

This is a meditation to help remove those unwanted energetic bonds. Keep in mind that it is designed to remove negative bonds, all positive ones will stay in place.

  • Take 3 deep breaths and calm your mind
  • Imagine the person you wish to cut negative cords with in front of you
  • Take a moment to see where the cords are attached to you on your body
  • Ask archangel Michael to come and to start cutting those cords
  • Watch them fall to the ground as they are cut and start to dissolve
  • Keep doing this until you feel they are gone
  • Surround yourself in healing white light and see the holes where the cords were, being repaired
  • Thank archangel Michael
  • Take a few moments and feel the lightness of the cords being gone
  • When you are ready open your eyes