Meditation: Mandalas

Mandalas are a meditation tool to gain knowledge from within and to become one with the universe. The word "Mandala" means circle and they originate with Hindus and Buddhists. They represent the universe and wholeness and symbolize the idea that life is never ending. How to use:

  • Select a mandala that appeals to you, you can find them on the internet or draw one yourself
  • Set an intention or find out the meaning of the mandala you have chosen
  • Relax and begin to focus on the center of the mandala
  • Allow your mind to wander and take in the design
  • Let it absorb your attention
  • You may start to feel lightness and intuitive thoughts may start to come up
  • If you start to lose focus, bring your attention back to the center

Here are some mandalas that I have drawn that you may use if you would like to!

  • By Elora Taylor

    By Elora Taylor

    By Elora Taylor