Mediation: Removing Blocks/Negative Beliefs


This is a meditation I use for removing blocks or negative belief systems. A block or negative belief system can hold you back from being your full self and living the life that you want. Everyone has them and the key is being aware of their existence. This meditation is for when you figure out what your negative belief is and what you wish to change it to. For example I had the belief that if I was successful, I would loose everything. Now I understand that it is a ridiculous and contradicting belief but it was very strong within me! I wanted to change that to: if I am successful I would gain everything. So take sometime and review your beliefs and see which ones are no longer serving you. Use this meditation to change them into what you want to believe!

  • Put yourself into a meditative state
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by white light
  • Imagine that white light as a protective shell
  • See the block/belief that you do not want inside your shell
  • Slowly push that negative block/belief outside of your shell, watch it as it passes through the white light and watch it burn up
  • When there is only smoke left, ask the angels or spirit to take it away.
  • See the belief that you do want, slowly coming in to your shell
  • Watch as it passes through the white light and into your body
  • Once you feel comfortable, imagine your shell burning down around you
  • Feel the clarity and openness surrounding you
  • Say to yourself, when I open my eyes I will be a new person, and repeat the new belief three times.
  • When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and readjust

Make adjustments if you feel it is needed.

This meditation was shown to me by the angels, so be sure to ask them to help you and guide you along as you do this!

Good luck and have fun!