Angel Light Colours


People have been known to  see "angel lights" or orbs of light. Usually they are quick flashes, like a camera bulb or sparkles. They are usually either white or silvery or have a colour. The white lights are from our guardian angels and the coloured ones are from the archangels. Here is a list to help you identify which angel you are seeing!

Bright emerald green- Raphael, used for healing

Pale green- Chamuel, helps find what we are looking for

Bright pink- Jophiel, to add beauty to your life

Pale pink- Ariel, helps with nature and animals

Violet- Jeremiel, helps with our emotions

Purple/Royal blue- Michael, for protection

Aqua blue- Raguel, helps with relationships

Dark blue- Zadkiel, helps with memory and mental functioning

Pale blue- Haniel, helps with clairvoyance and feminine health

Turquoise- Sandalphon, music

Pale yellow- Uriel, wisdom

Dark yellow- Gabriel, helps with communication

Rainbow- helps us with our spiritual growth

What angels do you see most often? Let me know in the comments!