Meditation: From Darkness to Light


This is a meditation I use when I want to get myself out of a negative mind set. It doesn't take very long and I have always had good results with it.

  • Close your eyes and breath deeply, get yourself into a meditative state.
  • Imagine being surrounded by darkness, feel the negativity, sit in that state for a few minutes or until you feel as though you have had enough
  • Say "thank you darkness for showing me what I DO NOT want"
  • Imagine the you/the Earth turning slowly towards the sun
  • See the light gradually coming towards you
  • When you are fully in the light, embrace the feeling of warmth and lightness
  • Say "thank you light for showing me what I DO want"
  • As you sit in that state imagine the light growing and becoming stronger, let it reach its peak and then let it go
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by white light
  • Start with an easy manta such as "ease and flow" and continually repeat until you feel that you no longer need to
  • Breath three deep breaths
  • Say to yourself "when I awaken I will be a new person, I have shifted into positive, loving, light and ease and so it is"
  • When you feel ready, slowly come out of the meditative state

Some notes:

You embrace the darkness to acknowledge its existence. When you ignore it, it tends to sit in the back of you mind and slowly eats away at you. Allowing it to come to the forefront removes it almost immediately. Remember we live in a duality universe, you can't have light without darkness!

As you do this more, the dark will be less dark and the light will be brighter.

Have fun with it and see what wording works for you!