Channeled Messages: "What Happens When You Die?"


I asked the angels what happens when you die and this is what they had to say! -Beginning of channeled message-

As humans are comprised, in the most basic terms, of a body and a soul. When born, the body and soul meet and work in conjunction together, but still acknowledge that they are separate. The soul working with the body allows you to have the experience you are having. When one dies, the body and soul separate, but the soul and body retain their experiences. DNA houses those experiences with in the body even after the soul has departed. You can read DNA like a book if you are aware of how it is done. The soul goes back to its home, what most call heaven. It is very much like a home base so to speak. It is a time of rest and reflection. A review of what you experienced is made and decisions on how to proceed are then made. You are greeted by the angels in charge of helping people cross over you’re your loved ones, friends and family, who wait for you. Time is much different in this heaven for what may seem like years to you are only mere weeks to them. For time is a construct of the earth environment.

We feel the inherent fear of death is what keeps you focused in this reality. You are designed to “forget” where you came from to experience this existence in its whole. For you can’t have one foot here and the other foot left behind. You are still able to connect to that realm, but it should be a minimal part of you day. We want you to experience this existence in all its ups and downs, its beauty and ugly, for that is what you came here for. As you are in control of your experience, you can choose out of the contrast what it is you truly desire. These desires you carry with you from life time to life time. As the universe works on contracts, agreements are made on who your parents are, who your children are, who you will marry, when you will die and what themes you want to explore. Themes are the general things you want to experience or learn and they are carried with you from life time to life time until you feel that they are completed.

In conclusion, when one passes all sense of fear is gone and a remembering who you really are occurs. It is only those who are left behind who suffer.

-End of channeled message-