How To Connect With Angels On Your Own


You are connecting with your angels all the time in some way or another, but we aren't always aware of it. In this post I'm going to give you some techniques in how to connect with your angels consciously. Meditation

Meditation is usually the easiest way in connecting.

  • Sit quietly in a comfortable position
  • clear your mind so that no thoughts come in (which takes practice!)
  • visualize yourself surrounded by white light and ask Archangel Michael to protect you and to only let beings of love and light come to you
  • ask the angels to come to you now
  • ask any questions you may have
  • listen!

It can take a few tries until you get something. You may hear something, see something, feel something or intuitively know something. Your answer may come later in the form of inspiration, an unexpected opportunity, or a book or a website might pop up with what you were looking for. The key is not to force anything. You need to be relaxed and let it happen. Making sure that you ask for protection is important so that you are only allowing beings of love and light to communicate.

You can use guided meditation CD or music to help you focus. Burning incense can help them come to you easier and put you in a meditative state and it smells nice too! You should always feel good after mediating because when you are connecting with higher beings you are connecting with their energy which is a pure form of love!

Prayer or Asking For Help

Sometimes just by simply asking them for help you can get answers. The focused energy of prayer allows for what you want to be heard by them easier. Never feel guilty for asking them for help, for that is what they are there for. They have no sense of time therefore they can be in all places at once. So don't feel like you are taking up too much of their time! Angels need your permission to interfere with your life, asking for help allows them to do their job.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are a fun way of communicating with the angels. You can buy angel decks at book stores, metaphysical stores or online. They are similar to tarot cards but a lot easier and nicer to use. There are a few different decks, I like "Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot Cards". They usually have sayings on them and describing what each card means. They have little information books where you can get a deeper meaning of the card you picked.

How to do it is really easy:

  • When you first get your deck, hold the cards in your hand one on top and one the bottom to put your energy into them.
  • Shuffle them up really well.
  • Close your eyes and breath deeply 3 times. Basically want to be get into a quick meditative state.
  • Ask your question
  • Shuffle the cards until you feel like its time to stop
  • Turn over the first card and read what it says

Sometimes a card may fall while shuffling them. Take that as a sign as to what your answer is. You can do them for your friends or family and I always find that they are pretty accurate.

Have fun with it and see what you get!