What Is A Mediumship Reading?


A mediumship reading is where you connect with loved ones who have passed.

  • The first step for the medium is to validate that they are connecting with the right person. So they will bring up facts about the person, such as how they died, their personality, how they looked, something the loved to do ect.  Sometimes they will bring up something that has happened in your life recently to validate that they have been watching over you.
  • The second step is the message. What the spirit wants to say to the person having the reading. It may be some unanswered questions, or advice or something simple as reminding you that they are with you.

Spirit will always appear as how you remember them. So they will talk the same way, have the same personality and act the same way as they did when they were living.

So who can you connect with? Basically anyone that you knew and had a connection to is easiest because you can validate it. You can even connect with pets that have passed! Technically you can connect with anyone but usually there has to be a reason for it. Such as a famous singer that has passed might connect with someone who is a singer. But that usually doesn't happen in a reading.

A medium should never tell you anything negative or scary about the spirit! They should never cause you to be fearful or traumatize you. The purpose of a reading is to bring healing to all sides, the living and the dead, so a real reading will always be positive and anything negative will be said in the most positive way possible.

A mediumship reading is great way to heal and find peace after a loved one has passed. It gives you some closure and understanding of anything left unsaid or that you had questions about. Mediumship readings can be life changing in ways you would never expect!