What Is a Past Life Reading?


Past life readings are helpful in removing blocks and explaining certain relationships or situations that you are currently experiencing. Sometimes we carry certain things with us over lifetimes. Usually if it was something traumatic that happened to us in the past, it can effect us in many ways in the present. Past life readings help bring what happened to light and help heal so you can move forwards in this life. Usually they work in conjunction with angel readings because looking at the past can help us understand whats happening now. No, you were not Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene in a past life! Some people offer past life regression which is different from a reading. Regression is a form of hypnosis, in a reading there is none of that.

Usually I'll get a vision of something that happened in your past life and then I will ask the angels to explain it. We will then find the connection to how this event is effecting you currently.

The understanding of past lives can be extremely helpful, but keep in mind that not all of your issues are related to past life events!