Channeled Messages: "Removing Blocks"

This post is what the angels had to say on removing blocks that hold us back.

-Beginning of channeled message-

As one goes through life experiences, some may be good and some may be what you see as bad. These negative moments can create blocks that effect our current experience. It may be something small, perhaps someone made a negative remark about something that your had done. It may be something large, some sort of abuse, either emotional or physical. It could also be something you are completely unaware of, a negative set of beliefs or mindset. We feel as everyone has blocks of some kind and it is important to remove them so one can move forwards. Think of them like little challenges along your path.

The easiest way to remove a block is to acknowledge it, bring it into the light. Examine this belief and make it big in your mind. Write it out and See what is the worst thing that could happen and then challenge that belief with its opposites. Find every argument against the belief that you wish to change. For example, if you have a negative experience with money, say you’ve gone in to debt before and now you are afraid to move forward with gaining money out of fear that it will happen again. See what you find is the worst thing that could happen if you go into debt again. Will you lose your house? Your car? Die? Now challenge your belief that you will go into debt again with evidence against it. Such as, I am making money now, I have a steady job, I have a backup plan etc. You want to support your new belief as much as possible, give it legs to stand on. Removing blocks and changing your belief system may take some time. It may take time to get to the real root of the block. For sometimes blocks stay with you or come from many lifetimes. The key is to bring that block to light and to challenge it. Experience that block to its fullest, feel it, cry it out if you need to. Soon you will start to feel it lift, and you will feel lighter and things will start moving forwards for you. If you must keep reminding yourself of your new positive belief until it becomes second nature.

Making the effort to change your belief system is the easiest and most powerful way in moving forwards and gaining what you desire. Recognize that those blocks were there for a reason, but that they no longer serve you. Understand that these blocks are part of the journey. Enjoy the journey as it unfolds and you will have a much easier time in getting the results that you want, for the journey is everything. If you choose to see it as a positive, you will in turn have a positive outcome.

-End of channeled message-